Whirlpool Jet Tub

Whirpool Jacuzzi jet tubs have become popular over the years giving  its owners the spa experience. Jet tubs are key for  relaxation and rejuvenation. Never leave the comfort of your home. Jet tubs relax muscles and massage your body proven to increase mobility and strength. Other benefits include stress and anxiety relief, improved circulation, pain relief and dermal effects.

Below are detailed features you can experience with your Whirpool Jacuzzi jet tub.

  • Jacuzzi® Salon™ Spas combine the therapeutic power of the Luxury Whirlpool experience and the calm, effervescence of Jacuzzi Pure Air®. This is the ultimate home retreat from the speed of life.
  • Jacuzzi’s patented jet technology provides a perfect combination of water and air to deliver an invigorating massage. Our deep and wide plume of revitalizing bubbles will provide the most relaxing bathing experience.
  • Pure Air®. Where whirlpools circulate a combination of air and water to produce an intense, targeted massage, air baths, by design, create a softer, subtler, full-body experience. The only thing that churns the water in a Pure Air® bath is just that: pure, heated air. The result is a gentle, scintillating immersion – bubbly relaxation that is more champagne than shiatsu.
  • A traditional bathing experience is the foundation of hydrotherapy and is as simple as being enveloped in warm water. Jacuzzi’s classic Italian designs provide the perfect vessel for this treatment. Jacuzzi’s soaking tubs will enhance your bathroom and more importantly improve your quality of life. The traditional Soaking bath is a non-jetted, non-Pure Air tub.