Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes occur when water  freezes during the winter and  an unprotected pipe expands.

A frozen pipe is always an inconvenience, causing your water to stop running, but that could be the least of your problems. Frozen pipes are prone to burst. The smallest of cracks could lead to huge problems. A burst pipe contains thousands of gallons of water which could damage furniture, floors and appliances.

In case your pipes do burst, it is important to know where the water shutoff is located in your home or place of business

By taking the proper precautions, frozen pipes may never be an issue that you have to face.


Frozen Pipe Prevention

Turn your faucet on allowing it to drip

Leave your cabinet doors open allowing the pipes to have access to warm air

Do not turn the thermostat down too low even when away from your home

Insulate your pipes with pipe insulation or pipe wrap

Detach your outside water hoses during cold months