Faucets are essential in any home or business. They are typically your go to source for water. Faucets are used on an everyday basis, and in the case of a business can be used thousands of times per day using thousands of gallons of water. Due to such excessive and frequent use, faucets are prone to more wear and tear.

Common faucet issue you may face are leaking faucets, slow running faucets or lack of desired temperature. The issue you have probably experience the most with your faucet is it constantly dripping. A dripping faucet not only leads to discoloration of your shower tub or sink, but most importantly costs you money. A faucet dripping is water running, and water running is money spending.

Res-Q Plumbing repairs and installs faucets for home and commercial use. We install and repair all types of faucets (taps) including but not limited to:

No matter the faucet type or problem, Res-Q Plumbing can handle it.